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Endometriosis: diagnosis, management and fertility choices

28 Feb 2024
Contraception & Reproductive Health Theatre

In this insightful workshop, Carla, the Chief Executive of The Endometriosis Foundation, joins forces with Dr. Srividya Seshadri, a distinguished fertility specialist, to shed light on the complex realm of endometriosis. This engaging event aims to empower participants with knowledge about the condition, focusing on its impact on women's health and fertility.

The workshop kicks off with Carla sharing her personal journey with endometriosis, emphasizing the need for awareness and advocacy. Dr. Srividya Seshadri then delves into the medical intricacies, offering a comprehensive understanding of endometriosis, from its causes to the latest advancements in research.

Participants will gain insights into the importance of early detection and accurate diagnosis, learning about common diagnostic methods and strategies to overcome obstacles in the diagnostic process. The workshop takes a holistic approach to managing endometriosis, exploring medical treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and alternative therapies to enhance overall well-being.

A significant focus of the workshop is on fertility challenges associated with endometriosis. Dr. Srividya Seshadri provides valuable information on fertility preservation options, assisted reproductive technologies, and emotional support for individuals navigating these challenges.

Throughout the workshop, Carla and Srividya foster an interactive environment, encouraging participants to ask questions and engage in discussions. The interactive Q&A session provides personalised insights, addressing the specific concerns of the attendees.

The workshop extends beyond information dissemination; it aims to build a supportive community. Participants have the opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences, fostering a network for mutual support, resource sharing, and empowerment.

As the event concludes, attendees leave armed with not only a wealth of knowledge but also with practical tools for managing endometriosis and advocating for themselves and others. The workshop serves as a catalyst for ongoing learning, providing resources for continued support and a community to lean on throughout the journey with endometriosis.

Carla Cressy, Chief Executive Officer - The Endometriosis Foundation
Srividya Seshadri, Consultant Gynaecologist and Sub specialist in Reproductive Medicine &Surgery - CRGH

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